Masonic Oral History Project Review

In May of 2011 the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation approved the “Masonic Oral History Project for a 6 month trail period.  Since that time we have interviewed eight Masons.  We have an interview scheduled for Oct. 28th in Lansing with former State Senator Harry DeMaso.  We are interviewing the Senator at the Sate Capitol, which will bring the six month total to eight since the project was official sanctioned.  Before that time we interviewed another five members of the Masonic Community.  By mid November  all of the interviews will be posted here.

As part of the review process we created a short video to present to the Foundations Board of Trustees who are meeting on Wednesday October 26.  The video is approximately 8 minutes in length.  We hope you enjoy it and if you could be so kind please add your comments after viewing the video.  Thank you.

Girbe Eefsting

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