Bette and Sherman Willson Oral History

Bette and Sherman Willson

On Friday June 10th, 2011 Brother Sherman of Lexington Lodge, was interviewed along with his wife Bette.  This interview was made possible by Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation.

John P. Cooper, WM of S. Ward Lodge in Marysville, MI  Ambassador to the Foundation, made the introduction and contact with Bette and Sherman

Brother Willson is 102 years old and a Lifetime member of Lexington Lodge.  He and his wife Bette live in a wonderful home on Lake Huron where this interview was recorded.

Brother Willson is a World War II Veteran, still a commissioned Naval Commander.  He was stationed in Detroit where he produced Naval training films.

Bette Willson has several generations of Masons in her family in England. She was a professional accountant and ran her own financial company for over 50 years.

Keith Bankwitz, Director of Philanthropy for the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation conducted the interview along with Girbe Eefsting owner of Film Farm.

Sherman Willson Interview Transcript

4 thoughts on “Bette and Sherman Willson Oral History

  1. I just happened to stumble on the name Sherman Willson and the information about him. Please tell him that his nephew congratulates him on his achievements..


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