Sen. Harry DeMaso Oral History Interview

Senator Harry DeMaso Oral History Interview

Sen. Harry DeMaso Receives 60 Year Pin.

On February 11, 2011, former Sate Senator (R) Harry DeMaso was honored at the Battle Creek Lodge #12. The Senator received his 6o year pin in recognition of his membership in the Masonic Fraternity.  The Senator served as Worshipful Master of Battle CreekLodge in 1955.


Michigan Masonic Charitable FoundationJoe Corrado, Major Gifts Officer of the Masonic Charitable Foundation organized the event.

Peter George WM of Battle Creek presided over the ceremony.



Walt presents the 60 yr. Pin

Walt Wheeler, Director of the Michigan Masonic Foundation,  and Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Michigan Free and Accepted Masons, presented Sen. DeMaso with the “certificate of recognition” for his sixty year membership in the Masonic Fraternity.



Brian, Mari, Harry & Tom

Joining Senator DeMaso for this auspicious event where members of his family; his wife Maria, his son Tom and his grandson Brian.



Several videos were presented to honor Senator DeMaso.  Larry Dillon, Past Master and life long friend of the Senator talked about how he met DeMaso and the influence this had on his life.  

Another video that was presented was a tribute by David Eddy, (Morning Mayor of WBCK Radio).  Eddy talked about the relationship DeMaso had over the years to the Battle Creek Community.

Here’s a video of the event: 

3 thoughts on “Sen. Harry DeMaso Oral History Interview

  1. My cousin was sorting through some clothing and stumbled across one of Senator DeMaso’s suits. This was custom made with his name on the inside. Is anyone interested, or do you have a contact email address or phone number for the Senator to see if he would like this suit back?


  2. Senators grandson is only not a thief but a liar,,,,,,,,,,,,, Brian Demasso, who has a son by my daughter stole property that he said I could store in their garage while I was selling my house.. Took several items worth over one thousand dollars…. would not give items back,,,, took him to small claims court on 01/05/2016… Court said no burden of proof, His father Tom Demasso also came to court and lied with his son against me…. honesty, and integrity does not follow the bloodline……………………………………………… where is anything good since Harry.


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